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DanielRMesa3 is more like the corner shop in a small town. You go there to get something you need. If it isn’t carried, you’re told with a smile and a shrug, “Sorry. Can’t help!”

Otherwise, if what you came for is available, it’ll be sold for a good price, a conversation about Life, a laugh or two, and you’ll leave with a sense of community.

If what you’re looking for is not on one of the shelves, ask about it. You might be pleasantly surprised that it’s safely tucked away in the back. =)

Who? DanielRMesa3

What? Video | Audio and Graphic editing| Web design | Tutorials | Other Stuff | Etc.
Don’t forget to read what people are saying.

When? Right after I give you the “Yes, I can help you with that.”

Why? Because you can’t do it… =/

Where? It doesn’t really matter. I’ve done a Hungarian site for use in upper Romania, did one in English for a fine arts painter in Ukraine, did one in Greece which was both English and Greek, one in Bolivia that was in the English language, and have done many more in the United States. Where are you?

How? Generally, you start here.